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Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation

At Avon Chiropractic Healthcare, Exercise Prescription is one of our core treatment approaches. Our chiropractors, have advanced knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.

They will target specific and safe exercise programmes for you, from the early stage of healing to getting back to your activities or favourite sport.

We will design a programme specific to your current situation, the stage of your injury as well as your needs and goals.

At Avon Chiropractic Healthcare, we strive to promote self-management and to empower the patient through recovery and prevention of future injuries. Improvement is only possible with repetition and adherence to the programme. We can also work closely with personal trainers and achieve the best results and your personal goals.
During your rehabilitation, Exercise Prescription is usually combined with “Hands On” manual therapy or other treatment modalities to ensure best outcome.



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