I have suffered with back problems for over 15 years. Doctors and consultants advised me not to receive treatment from Chiropractors as treatment may be too aggressive. After just 2 sessions I feel like a different person – with back pain completely gone. I cannot recommend this service highly enough and will be forever grateful.
D.W, Coventry
I first came to the Stratford clinic with lower back pain and stiffness. I had finally accepted it wasn’t going to get better on its own. Every day getting out of bed was a misery. After just one treatment I notice some improvement, even though I continued to have some problems. The combination of treatments and exercises I have been given have been very helpful, and now 2 months later I know that I can do a lot to ease my own symptoms at home with a series of stretching exercises. I shall be having regular check-ups in future to ensure my back is as healthy as possible.
D.P, Alcester

For either a specific problem or a six monthly check up, I am always confident of a positive diagnosis and an honest appraisal of what is wrong and what will be done to correct it.  Specific feedback and advice on how to help myself is always given.  The longer you leave it the worse it will get. Don’t hesitate, get it sorted now!

L.B, Warwick

When I first found chiropractic care the top part of my body was completely seized up, I was a nursing auxiliary in a hospital. After being off sick for 18 months I left as I knew I couldn’t do my job anymore, even normal household jobs were very difficult. I tried the usual remedies – anti-inflammatory tablets from the doctor, physiotherapy, all to no avail. After the first treatment of chiropractic care, I knew I had found the right treatment to put me on the road to recovery. After one month I was back at work. I am now able to lead a full and active life, I swim, play table tennis, badminton, and snooker. I will always be grateful for the treatment I received; it gave me my life back. I still go occasionally for an M.O.T. to keep me in good shape.

D.J, Alcester

I came in for treatment following a car accident in 1996.  My back and shoulder would sometimes seize up completely and this was getting worse.  My main concern being self-employed was not being able to work and therefore not getting paid.  I always tell people that my Chiropractor has kept me in employment.  I also appreciate the holistic approach to the treatment – better than visiting my GP.

T.H, Coventry

I have suffered with lower back problems for over 15 years.  Thanks to regular check-ups and simple exercises suggested by the practice I keep perfectly mobile and pain free.  When I have been in extreme pain the practice has gone out of its way to fit me in, even opening at a weekend once.  I have been attending the practice for about 9 years.  The consistency of treatment over that period has ensured sustained periods of pain free and unrestricted daily life.  Prior to attending the practice, I used to dread long car journeys and air travel – I am currently averaging 40,000 miles of driving a year and take it completely in my stride.  I have recommended many friends and colleagues to the practice over the years.

J.L, Kenilworth
I developed a sharp pain in my hip in July. The Chiropractor conducted a thorough appraisal of me and diagnosed sciatica. Then followed a number of consultations to improve my condition. Acupuncture, massage and manipulation were applied, and a course of exercises to do at home. Although occasionally I still have pain, the symptoms are less severe and my mobility is less restricted. This is my first experience of a chiropractor and I have been impressed with what has been available and what has been done to help me.
A.W, Warwick

In March/April I was off work for the second time with back pain and sciatica. I received 4 sessions of physiotherapy who prescribed exercises and I was advised to keep doing them and return to normal activities. Which I did and had a few weeks with no symptoms then they returned, no sciatica but much aching in my back and pain/tight muscles down my right leg.

My first visit to Avon Chiropractic Healthcare established I had a twisted pelvis which was possibly as a result of a fall in 2005. I noticed an improvement in the first 3-4 sessions and it is improving sufficiently to allow me to get back to cycling and gardening, remaining fairly pain free afterwards.
The staff are great. They are friendly and helpful and always try to accommodate your needs. My chiropractor explained everything in an easy-to-understand way with use of a spine model and pictures. I had my questions answered, my exercises demonstrated and really felt at ease. Receptionists are always smiling and helpful.

One really good thing, although only small, is the use of gowns. I’ve previously been to an osteopath stripped to underwear then asked to stand normally – it isn’t going to happen. Gowns helped you relax and you don’t feel as ‘exposed’.
My experience so far of chiropractic treatment is a good one and I now appreciate that if things start moving out of place, be it through accidents or muscle tightness, then it will have an effect on the rest of the body and interfere with other systems and it is important to keep checking all is well.
They do a valuable job and I wish they were on the NHS as then more people could have access. They are worth their weight in gold.

S.I, Stratford-Upon-Avon
In the last couple of years with working from home and stress, I developed neck pain, shoulder aches and headaches. It was beginning to get intrusive, and it was affecting my sleep. I was recommended to the clinic by a friend. The online booking system was easy to use, and everyone is very friendly. I have had 4 visits and feel a huge difference. They taught me ways to manage my neck myself with general advice and exercises. The video demonstrations on the exercise app are really helpful. I would definitely recommend.
S.T, Wellesbourne